Duc Viet Foods receives “ Thang Long Golden Brand 2011” prize

07/11/2014 12:13:08 CH

On the evening of July 30th, 2011, at Hanoi Opera House, Front Committee of Vietnam has cooperated with Nhan Dan Newspaper, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam VTV1, Great Unite Newspaper holds a live show “Proud Vietnamese Brand” for the 2nd time to celebrate 2 years of campaign “Vietnamese use Vietnamese products” by Ministry of Politics.
To enhance the effectiveness of the campaign during 2 years, Front Committee of Vietnam, Great Unite Newspaper, Vietnam TV, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Commercial Industry Vietnam, Standard and Consumers protecting group of Vietnam, chose 20 enterprises that have conducted activities and actively run the campaigns, such as: Viglacera, Vinamilk, Vissan, Duc Viet Foods, Bien Hoa Coffee.
10 years ago, there were a few people knew about sausage and Duc Viet Foods has changed Vietnamese consumer’s habit. Mr. Hua Xuan Sinh, General Manager shares about the success: “ Duc Viet Foods is the first company that produced sausages in Vietnam with high quality and big scale. We have approached Vietnam, a very new and young market, with excellent employees committing to high quality, direct marketing to each family, promoting at beer gardens  for the past 10 years to get our current position. 
Duc Viet sausages with the “Made in Vietnam” trademark has become essential food for Vietnamese families


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Đc: Tòa nhà Seaprodex, số 20 Láng Hạ, Đống Đa, Hà Nội, Việt Nam

Điện thoại : 04.3776.4322

Email: info@ducvietfoods.vn

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