Duc Viet Food, 12 years to build a well-known Vietnamese brand

07/11/2014 11:30:46 SA

Affirmation as a Vietnamese brand

In 2000, there was an idea of new instant food which is tasty and convenient for modern daily meals. It was inspired from a typical fastfood from Europe and Germany, the home of orginal sausages.

The very first sausages were introduced in 2000, with German’s taste but reasonable Vietnamese pricing, were warmly welcomed. The community of Germans residing in Vietnam were very happy because they could enjoy the orginal sausages.

Having overcome obstacles from the begining, nowadays, “Duc Viet Sausages” has become popular to Vietnamese families, from urban to rural. Duc Viet Foods is not only about sausages, but also bacon, Vietnamese traditional sausage, paté and fresh pork.


Quality is the top criteria

Duc Viet Foods uses German modern technology, applies sustainable farming model “clean from the farm to dining table” and maintains the HACCP system (analyze danger and control limit), which is tested and certified by The Federal Republic of Germany and United Kingdom.


Duc Viet Foods always chooses best farms such as Vietnam Joint-stock Company. Duc Viet is building farms with sustainability: no growth hormone, no antibiotics excess and no preservation to ensure health of animals. New farm models ensure: clean eating, clean living, and clean drinking. Barns are closed to each other; air is always cleaned to avoid diseases. There are veterinarians to quarantine animals one by one. Only healthy animals can be used. Quality management is the basic factor to maintain reputation during years of running Duc Viet Foods.


In order to meet the high demands of industrialization, instant food has developed dramatically. Consumers prefer instant food for breakfast, bonding or holiday thanks to its convenience and quality. Besides Asian traditional food, Westernized instant food that fits Vietnamese’s taste has contributed to the diversity of Vietnamese food.


Duc Viet Food is diverse with many kinds of products that are highly trusted in Vietnam and were recognized as High Quality Vietnam Food for the period of 2007-2010, Vietnam Gold Star Prize in 2010, top 20 Vietnamese brands in 2005, Vietnamese Pride Brand given by Ministry of Industry & Trade thanks to the participation in “Vietnamese use Vietnamese products” program of Ministry of Politics that delivers food to remote areas.


Today, Duc Viet Food presents many product lines: German sausages, bacon, beer sausages, cooked ham, salami, etc. Besides, there are new products like: Loc Phat sausage, Pate An binh, Berlin sausage, Nuremberg sausage, through distributions channels in many cities: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, HaiPhong, QuangNinh, etc with all-sized agencies. Duc Viet Food is present in almost all supermarkets in Vietnam: Metro, Big C, Fivimart, Hapromart, Coopmart, etc or restaurants, hotels, entertainment places.


With vision “Safe food for health and longevity”, Duc Viet Food is a trustful friend of Vietnamese families, bring health to everyone and connect community for further development.


Bản quyền thuộc về công ty cổ phần thực phẩm Đức Việt

Đc: Tòa nhà Seaprodex, số 20 Láng Hạ, Đống Đa, Hà Nội, Việt Nam

Điện thoại : 04.3776.4322

Email: info@ducvietfoods.vn

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